Competitive Graduate Student Assistantship Program

Obtaining Cover Crop Agroecosystem Services while Reducing Irrigation Water

Principal Investigator: Erik Lehnhoff
Co-Principal Investigators: Nicole Pietrasiak, Soum Sanogo, Brian Schutte, John Idowu, and Steve Thomas
Project summary:
Weeds are a universal problem, yet safe and effective weed management tools are elusive. We have developed a new technology, using electricity to kill weeds, with no impacts to surrounding vegetation or human health. While the technology works, it is not yet commercially viable, and the exact mechanisms causing mortality have yet to be identified. In this project, we will
(1) test a variety of applications including weed control in landscaping and managing invasive woody plants,
(2) perform dose-response studies on a range of plant species and
(3) evaluate gene expression on treated Arabidopsis plants to elucidate mechanisms of ac