Competitive Graduate Student Assistantship Program

The AES graduate research awards further the mission of ACES and the AES by expanding research that benefits the citizens of New Mexico. These assistantships will help attract and train outstanding graduate students to understand the complexities and value of quality research.

Awards will be distributed throughout the year and proposals will be reviewed by the Interim AES Associate Dean, Dr. Jay Lillywhite, and AES Associate Director, Dr. Lara Prihodko. 

Please email, , with your Graduate Assistantship request and copy, Claire Montoya, AES Director of Communication and Reporting. 

2021-2022 Graduate Research Assistantship Awards

  • ACES Competitive Awards Program | Development of a novel assessment for clinical signs of bovine respiratory disease in newly received feedlot calves using tri-axis accelerometers
    PI: Vinicius Gouvea
  • ACES Competitive Awards Program | Control of Salmonella contamination in dry processing environments using air-based cold atmospheric plasma: Tackling a persistent problem with a novel waterless sanitation technology
    PI: Luis Sabillon
    Co-PI: Sergio Martinez-Monteagudo
  • ACES Competitive Awards Program | Managing Lehmann Lovegrass and Restoring Native Species for Rangeland Improvement
    PI: Erik Lehnhoff, Akasha Faist
    Graduate Student Award Hire: Melissa Meyers
  • ACES Competitive Awards Program | Soil Carbon Sequestration and Global Warming Mitigation in Semiarid Cropping Systems
    PI: Rajan Ghimire
    Co-PIs: Manoj Shukla, Mark Marsalis

2020-2021 Graduate Research Assistantship Awards

2019-2020 Graduate Research Assistantship Awards

One-year Proposals Awarded (2019-2020)

Two-year Proposals Awarded (2019 – 2021)