Competitive Graduate Student Assistantship Program

Changes in Management of Lepidopterous Cotton Pests in New Mexico: Evaluating Plant Resistance in Okra Leaf Cottons and Heliothine Resistance to Bt Cottons

Principal Investigator: Jane A. Pierce, Department of Entomology, Plant Pathology and Weed Science

Despite impressive advancements, management of some insect pests in cotton remains a challenge. Bt cotton varieties were key to eradication of pink bollworm but bollworm is developing resistance. Identifying which Bt products are still effective is a topic of great interest to growers as choosing a less durable variety often results in yield losses or added costs from insecticide applications. Okra leaf cotton varieties might be another option in control of bollworm. This project will evaluate the impact of new okra leaf cotton varieties on relative humidity in the cotton canopy and subsequent impact on bollworm survival